Located at Wesley House in Pittsburg, Southeast Kansas Services at Catholic Charities (SEK) provides assistance with rent, utilities, as well as case management services.

Call for intake between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

In collaboration with Wesley House, Southeast Kansas Services at Catholic Charities is a program that provides assistance as a means of keeping people in their homes while helping them handle their family’s daily needs. The program serves people who are the working poor, unemployed or who have been unable to work because of disability or illness, or those receiving fixed incomes or limited government assistance. The focus is on preventing the situation from worsening and guiding families toward goals that meet their daily needs.

How We Help

Rent/Utility Assistance

Financial assistance to help pay overdue electric/gas bills or rent. Each form of assistance can be provided to an individual one time each year with the primary goal of preventing homelessness.

Case Management

Emergency Services offers case management services to help individuals and families identify root problems that led them to their situation of need, addressing daily needs and providing referrals to community resources. The case manager also works with clients to set short- and long-term goals, working with them during the next months to accomplish those goals and establish life choices that make their goals possible.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is based on three criteria:

  • The assistance will prevent homelessness (keep a person in their home for 30 days)
  • The client submits all requested verifications
  • When we create a budget we can identify where the money has gone and that it is spent appropriately (i.e. on bills, etc.)

There are no income guidelines for assistance, only the eligibility criteria. Assistance may be given once in 12 months for rent and once in 12 months for utilities, but the assistance may not occur within the same six-month period.

Community Partnerships

To ensure that the needs of our community are met, Southeast Kansas Services often collaborates with other agencies, including Wesley House, SRS, the Salvation Army, SEK-CAP, Smart Start, and local churches. This positive team approach to helping others also ensures an effective use of funds and resources.

For more information on services provided in Southeast Kansas, visit the United Way of SW Missouri and SE Kansas at UnitedWayMOKAN.org