St. Anthony Family Shelter (SAFS) is an emergency shelter for families with minor children. We have 13 furnished resident units, each unit has a family room, bedroom and bathroom and we have on-site laundry rooms. We provide three meals a day in our cafeteria. Our average length of stay is 27 days. The family, with the help of a case manager, will establish a housing plan which may include obtaining employment, applying for housing support services, and meeting with other service providers. Residents are required to attend meetings, classes and to follow our Community Living Agreement. Community Living includes room inspections to insure the rooms are kept clean in in good repair, daily chores around the shelter and evening curfew. We are a secure facility and limit access to the shelter. We will consider eligibility on a case by case basis for individuals.

If your family is in need of shelter and you would like to be considered for admittance please call (316) 264-7233. Staff will gather information about your family and your situation and answer your questions about our program.

How We Help

Our services include case management, referrals for employment, education, health assessments and other medical needs, instruction in parenting skills, special attention to children's needs on premises by a foster grandparent, referral for drug, alcohol and mental health counseling and the USD 259 homeless services.

Meeting Needs, Preserving Dignity

The shelter is unique in terms of efforts made to preserve the dignity of the families we serve. Individuals and couples without children under 18 are referred to other shelters in the city. As many as 13 families can be accommodated in private rooms each night.

While residing at the shelter, families’ basic needs are met, including three meals a day, personal hygiene supplies, laundry facilities and an indoor play area. While at the shelter, residents agree to complete household chores and follow established guidelines. The length of stay is determined on a case-by-case basis, ranging from a few nights to thirty days.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Family must be homeless
  • All adults must have photo identification; must have social security cards, medical records, or Personal Identification Form (PIF) for all children

How You Can Help

By the grace of dedicated individuals and groups who share in our ministry, we provide help to many families in crisis. While each person has individual reasons for wanting to volunteer, many share a universal reward — the emotional and spiritual satisfaction that comes from serving others who are in need. How can you be a part of Catholic Charities mission to help families in need?

Hire shelter residents for full-time, part-time or seasonal work.

Create a permanent legacy in honor of loved ones through memorial gifts or special tribute gifts that commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations.

St. Anthony Family Shelter needs your support. Donations provide more than half of the needs at the shelter, ensuring utilities, maintenance, food, and much more. Join us!