Planned Giving

Why Catholic Charities?

For more than 75 years, Catholic Charities Wichita has been dedicated to Faith and Family. Your planned gift will sustain the work we do into the future as we help strengthen families and help people find a path to a brighter future.

Your gift will

  • Provide safe shelter to victims of domestic violence
  • Lend a hand to support families thrust into situational poverty
  • Feed the hungry
  • Cultivate collaboration with other non-profit service providers
  • Strengthen our agency for the future
  • Address community needs

By making a planned gift you become part of the legacy of Catholic Charities. Your support of the agency’s future helps an abused woman not return to a violent situation. The average abused woman returns to her abuser seven times. Many times they return for what they incorrectly perceive to be for “the good of the children”.

Your planned gift will help provide glasses for an elementary student, or sports equipment to a child that otherwise would be left watching the other kids play. Your support of Catholic Charities through planned giving will help strengthen the resolve of a parent to break the cycle of generational poverty and build a better life for their family.

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Our Daily Bread is the only food pantry in Wichita with a “client-centered” food model. Volunteers help clients select food that they will eat and enjoy. “Birthday Bags” are among the most popular choices. A lady celebrating her 80th birthday was given a Birthday Bag that held a cake mix, candles and icing. As she spoke through her tears she shared that it had been years since she had a birthday cake. Catholic Charities provides programs that help lift people out of poverty to become self-sufficient, contributing members of our communities.

Your gift will help transform lives by providing a hand up for those living in unfortunate situations and help them become self-sustaining members of our community. As a former Harbor House client said, “The donors need to know their money helps people like me have a better life.”

While talking with a donor he remarked “We chose to direct our gift to Catholic Charities because we know they put our donation to the best use”. As they have for over 75 years.

For more information regarding how to make a planned gift to Catholic Charities please click here.