Catholic Charities Assists Mothers on a Daily Basis

Author: Cole Schneiders Published:

Jesus’ last command from the cross was for us disciples to behold His mother. Humbly and with great sorrow, she turned to John the Apostle for help. Out of love for Jesus, St. John brought Mary into his own home. As we look to Mother’s Day, Jesus’ command is more pertinent than ever. It is time to behold our mothers. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love, even when we test it. Every day as they raised us, they had hard decisions to make. They chose to be merciful when we got gum stuck in our hair for the fifth time. When we screamed, “I hate you!” our moms said, “I love you.” They even let us go to make our own way in the world. In our community, mothers face even tougher decisions. Some choose between food and medicine. Others worry about finding a place to sleep. They decide to stay in abusive relationship, determined to save the marriage. Mothers make thousands of tough decisions like these every day. What makes those choices tougher is our mothers have to worry about us too. They choose between eating and getting us the medicine we need. They worry about finding a safe place for us to sleep. They suffer silently to keep the marriage and family together. Like Mary, they watch helplessly while their children suffer. They have done everything the can, but it is not always enough. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love, but our moms can only do so much. This past year, Catholic Charities has served over 3,000 mothers. These are women who have made endless sacrifices to keep their families together. They are clothed in a unique dignity and strength. That is why at Catholic Charities, we let them choose what is best for their families. We simply make the decisions a little easier. Moms can rest easy knowing their loved ones at Adult Day Services are safe and can thrive in the community. Our Daily Bread lets mothers choose the best food for their families. St. Anthony Family Shelter provides mothers a refuge as they work to improve their family’s lives. When mothers feel hopeless, we answer Jesus’ plea and take them into our own homes. Helping our mothers is one of many ways that Catholic Charities Wichita lives the Gospel.
We serve the whole community in the same way. According to our Executive Director, Wendy Glick, “The family is at the heart of our work. Our ministries are here to strengthen all mothers and fathers so that they may live and love as the Holy Family did. Through the care we show all people we infuse faith into our community.” By ministering to families, Catholic Charities empowers the whole community to live the Gospel. A gift to Catholic Charities will make a lasting impact on the mothers and families we serve. Every day, they make tough decisions, but your help will reduce that stress. This mother’s day, consider giving in honor of your mom or someone who was like a mother to you. Behold your mother. Call now to make an impact at 316-264-8344 ext. 1262 or donate online at