Mission and Vision


Inspired by God's love, Catholic Charities alleviates poverty and builds strong families in the Diocese of Wichita.

We work to alleviate poverty – because all families deserve the most basic needs of life. We work to build stable families – because stable family relationships mean stable and hopeful communities for all our human family. We work to build strong families – because the stronger a family unit is the healthier and happier each family member is.

Through our FAMILY of programs and services we are inspired to work, and we have a need to build - We know a loving God provides for us, and we in turn must provide for each other.

But we need our FAMILY to grow. If you are moved to build and work for social changes, true and lasting changes in our communities, will you consider partnering with us? Be assured your dollars go directly to programs and services working for social change and justice in our world, one human FAMILY at a time.


Catholic Charities, Diocese of Wichita alleviates poverty and builds stable and strong families throughout 25 counties in south central and southeast Kansas.

We hold to the truth that poverty is not a given. In fact, we believe overcoming poverty is not just a task of charity, but an act of justice.

That’s why we not only seek to “get our hands dirty” as Pope Francis directs us, by serving the hungry, homeless, victims of violence and those in family crises in our many programs and projects, but we advocate for our clients and work to fix and repair the systems that fail people in poverty – and ultimately fail us all.

We aspire to be great in facing these challenges, and we invite people of all faiths to join us.

We do this work because stable and strong families that can break through the barriers of poverty, and can improve upon the good and the dignity inherent to every family member, ultimately mean hopeful communities for our entire human family.