Share the Love of Christ for those in need in southeast Kansas

You can share the Love of Christ for the homeless and abused in your area as your gift to Catholic Charities will stay in southeast Kansas.

Share the Love of Christ with your neighbors in southeast Kansas.

When you share your blessings with Catholic Charities, you can be assured that your blessings truly count in the lives of others in southeast Kansas by

Helping the homeless

Catholic Charities focuses on homeless prevention and household stabilization through rent and utility emergency assistance, resource navigation for mainstream benefits and financial literacy.

Helping victims become survivors

For those experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault, Catholic Charities offers safety planning, financial literacy and employment services.

Enriching the lives of others

By offering low-income individuals, couples and families access to counseling services and assistance with immigration paperwork via telecommunications.

Now, more than ever, your charitable support is needed. Together, we are faced with the daunting responsibility of serving many, many more people throughout southeast Kansas. There are more homeless and abused coming to Catholic Charities seeking help for their families.

 Counties served by Catholic Charities Diocese of Wichita

Counties served through Southeast Kansas Services ministry


Your gift could help families in southeast Kansas in these ways:


Houses five homeless families for one month, allowing them time to stabilize


Helps maintain vital utilies for 30 days for 25 families


Houses one homeless family for one month, giving them time to stabilize


Helps one family catch up on back rent


Helps maintain vital utilities for one family for 30 days

Catholic Charities ministries available to serve people in southeast Kansas include:

Southeast Kansas Services

Cana Counseling

Immigration Services

SAFE Project

Supportive Services for Veteran Families

Sarah’s Story

Sarah is a young mother of two who had spent four months in a domestic violence shelter before connecting with Catholic Charities. Sarah had no income at this time and virtually no employment history to speak of to assist her in getting a job to support her and her children.

Gerad worked alongside Sarah to highlight her natural strengths to develop a plan to get her employed and into sustainable housing. She obtained a job in law enforcement, and a tax credit housing option that has a pathway to ownership program. With assistance from Catholic Charities for rent and utilities to get her started, she has been able to maintain the housing on her own.

Today, Sarah and her children are safe and thriving, no longer in fear for their lives.

Help share the Love of Christ in our community, make a donation today to support the ministries of Catholic Charities in southeast Kansas.

“Sarah’s case has a special place in my heart as it was one of my very first opportunities to help a family in crisis lift themselves out of what was possibly the lowest point in their lives.”


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Catholic Charities, Diocese of Wichita is a 501(c)(3). All gifts are tax-deductible.

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Wichita Diocese

The Wichita Diocese covers 20,021 square miles and includes 25 counties in the southeast corner of the state. It is home to over 114,000 Catholics in 90 parishes.

Wichita Diocese

The Wichita Diocese covers 20,021 square miles and includes 25 counties in the southeast corner of the state. It is home to over 114,000 Catholics in 90 parishes.