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At Catholic Charities we know that healthy, happy families are crucial for a healthy and happy community. And no one is more vital to the happiness of a family than a mother.

This past year the programs of Catholic Charities served over 3,000 mothers – mothers clothed with a strength and dignity that holds their families together. But, mothers need our support too.

Support the Catholic Charities Spring Appeal and help mothers receive the support they need.

Who Are You Helping?

Mary Jane Wooten and McRae

McRae is a great source of love and is wonderful to be around. She’s been diagnosed with developmental delays, autism and seizure disorder. At 24, she can only say 5 words, but that doesn’t slow her down. She enjoys outings with her classmates at Adult Day Services into the community. “They provide a safe place for McRae. While she’s with them, I’m able to spend time with my other children and grandchildren. Adult Day Services helps so much with McRae.”

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Harbor House Mother, Kim

When I came to Harbor House, I felt like I could finally take a deep breath. It’s a safe environment that feels like a home. I have been given a strong support system and my kids have taken to the positive living community. Now, I’m working with my advocate to work out a plan of action and move forward.“Harbor House means having the chance to start over without fear of losing my kids.”

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Kevin and his Mother, Nancy

Well, she raised me, it’s my turn to help her. Most days at Adult Day Services she does art projects, plays games with friends and occasionally does community outings. “It’s so relieving to know there’s such a caring staff that takes care of her while I’m at work.” She’s such a sweet and joyful woman, she deserves to have good people around her.

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Samantha’s Story

Coming in here, this is not what I expected. To be honest, I was nervous to come in and a little embarrassed. My daughter and I were just evicted from our apartment. While we stay with family, it’s nice to get groceries for free. It’s even better that I pick my own food. “We have alot of allergies... I can actually choose food here that we both love.”

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Tawyna’s Story

When my family came to St. Anthony Familiy Shelter, we were broken and barely holding on. I am a mother of four children under the age of 11, three girls and a boy. My son is special needs and requires extra attention. I was drained reaching shelter. I questioned my worthiness as my children’s mother, but I no longer live in that dark hole. “I quickly learned with support and compassion of case managers that I had options and they would help me get there.”

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