#PurpleThursdayICT; Safety Planning Tips

Author: Heather Welch Published:

This month, Catholic Charities is leading an effort to end domestic violence in Wichita.

Through its public awareness campaign during the month of October, the agency is sharing messages to help survivors through safety planning and to help loved ones identify and aid them.

October is domestic violence awareness month. The campaign is being promoted by Harbor House, a domestic violence shelter and program of Catholic Charities. It is shared through the hashtag #PurpleThursdayICT which encourages people to wear purple on Thursdays in October to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence in the community.

The #PurpleThursdayICT safety planning message to survivors is to trust your judgment. Consider anything you feel will keep you safe, and give yourself time to decide what to do next.

Safety Planning tips include:

  • Have a packed bag ready.
  • Devise a code word or signal. Tell your children, grandchildren, or neighbors so you can communicate to them that you need the police.
  • Know where you’re going. Plan where you will go if you have to leave home, even if you don’t think you’ll need to.
  • If you decide to leave, Take With You...
  • Marriage and driver’s licenses
  • Birth certificates – yours and family’s
  • Money, checkbooks, credit cards, ATM cards, mortgage payment book, car title
  • Social security card, work permit, green card, passport, visa
  • Divorce and custody papers, protection order • Insurance papers and medical records
  • Lease, rental agreement, or house deed • School and health records
  • Keys – house, car, office, friend’s
  • Medications, glasses, hearing aids needed by you and your family
  • Personal items – address book, pictures, toys
  • Copies of your spouse’s green card or social security card and all immigration related documents
  • Benefit card

If you or someone you know feels unsafe, Harbor House can help. It may be difficult to come forward and seek help, but Catholic Charities Harbor House is there to listen, support and provide resources so you don’t have to face this decision alone.

Domestic violence hurts everyone. If something about your relationship scares you or you need to talk, you can get help by calling the Harbor House Hotline at (316) 263-6000.