Couple Volunteers at Joyful Adult Day Services

Author: Catholic Charities Published:

For the last five years, Ron and Jane Longar have shared their time and talents at Adult Day Services. Ron volunteers six to ten hours a week, and Jane assists clients at Christmas time and going to the State Fair.

Jane said to volunteer at Adult Day Services is to share in God’s plan. “What we can give those clients is a small portion of what God returns to us.”

Before he began to volunteer, Ron was an employee of Catholic Charities for ten years. In that time he made lasting friendships.

He said it’s the love he receives from the clients that people should know about Adult Day Services. “They have little to offer to society as the world would see,” said Ron. “But the overwhelming giving of pure, unselfish love makes up for their challenges that life has dealt them.”

It’s the joyful moments Jane shares with the clients that bring a smile to her face, and she believes God is working in all of the volunteers.

Ron said Catholic Charities is his extended family, and as with any family, you help each other. “It’s always a give and take relationship. You laugh together, you cry together, you pray together, and mostly you just love together.”