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All of us dream. But, do you dream of the basic needs that families in our community need? Purchasing school photos and uniforms, a safe home, or even ensuring you have groceries to feed your family?

Support the Catholic Charities Christmas Appeal and help families like Jon’s to keep on dreaming. Because dreams do come true.

Who Are You Helping?

Jessica Wingler

A domestic violence shelter counselor’s primary role is to support. Counselors like Jessica Wingler are called upon to help each resident in some of their darkest and most life-changing moments. Wingler is Harbor House’s single full-time adult counselor. Helping a survivor understand that they deeply matter and have equal worth are her ultimate goals. “People begin to blossom when they see that they have purpose and deserve kindness.”

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Stephanie’s Birthday Surprise

My daughter, Stephanie, had a birthday coming up soon, and we aren’t usually able to make a cake. Matt at Our Daily Bread Food Pantry noticed her birthday was coming up and had a birthday bag together for her! We had cake mixing and frosting and couldn’t wait to celebrate her 5th birthday.

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Missy’s Story

St. Anthony Family Shelter staff didn’t bat an eye at my baby needing lactose-free milk. They were so helping at getting my baby and my family what we needed, we are all lactose-intolerant. They gave us the ability to grow in a safe environment mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Alyson McClung and Her Mother

Adult Day Services gives me the peace of mind that my child is being well cared for. Watching my daughter and her friends perform at the Christmas Concert brought a smile to my face and hers. Seeing the joy on the clients faces singing Christmas Carols after all their hard work and practice, you can’t help but grin. They truly care and love for their clients.

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Richard Tracy

I visit all our locations on a weekly basis seeing first hand the impact catholic charities programs has on families and children. One young girl in shelter would scream every time I walked into the room. I asked her mother why this was happening. I discovered that each time her husband hit her this was the reaction from the young girl. Because of this, the little girl did this every time she saw a man. I started to gently talk to both the mother and her daughter everytime I saw them and by the end of her stay, her daughter hugged me. The mother thanked me for caring enough to help. Be the start of the change you want to see.

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Grandma Rachel

Grandma Rachel is one of eight siblings in the Rubalcaba family to become a Foster Grandparent. She works at Pleasant Valley Elementary school where she enjoys the children’s senses of humor. She said sometimes she sees children she knows from her school when she goes to places like the grocery store. They say, “Hello Grandma”. Rubalcaba said one time a father looked at her funny and asked, “Grandma?” Rubalcaba answered, “I’m a different kind of Grandma.”

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